Monday, June 2, 2008

Don't try to imitate

Many people admire and look up to the Italian sense of style and taste. They learn how to make Italian dishes and they buy Italian branded clothing. What they do not realize is that to be Italian you need more than just these obvious attributes. Italians live their style. They do not do it consciously. Even if there are much more pressing affairs to be worried about they keep their style because it is completely natural to them. They wouldn't even thing about being different. I found this picture which completely struck me.It captures a group of resistance (Resistenza) fighters during WWII shooting in the streets of Milan or other Italian city. The reason why I was so amazed was that even in such an extraordinary and fatalistic situation those men have great style. Look at the picture carefully. It is not only that most of the pants and jackets there are probably made to measure, but most unbelievable is how natural and effortless they look even in such a situation.

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Dny Lementi said...

great spirit of observation... somehow i agree.