Friday, February 29, 2008

Beatrix (Chic)

Well, lets face it... Kiddo always looks "tough" in the movie. But there are times where her feminine side is more pronounced. The ribbon waist going along with the orange back gown is just poetic.

They could have used an ordinary t-shirt but they had to use an awesome one...

I would have never thought that these glasses could look good...

Beatrix ( the warrior)

I am not going to post the yellow costume. First, it is notoriously known, and than I find yellow s a very curious color in fashion. It can mean a breakthrough as in the case of Mademoiselle Mars, and maybe also Beatrix Kido. However, one always walks on the edge of looking like a canary bird...

Even though not extravagant, actualy rather simplistic, the beauty of Kill Bill costumes comes in details. Look at the leather she is wearing!

Details, details, details... Check out the sleeves of the jacket. Gotta love them. Also notice that the katana matches the shirt!

Best dressed movie, vol.1

I don't intend so much to pick the BEST as I wish to point out attires in movies that are in some way noteworthy and struck my interest. One film which consistently paid great attention to style, even in the smallest detail is Kill Bill. One would say that an action flick wouldn't need to care. But it's stuff like this that makes Kill Bill stand out of the line.