Sunday, June 8, 2008

DG S/S 2008 ready to wear

As there are more and more warm days, and we tend to realize that that sweater we befriended so much since Christmas is really a little too much even if it “might” get colder in the evening, it would be nice to look at what some of the top designers prepared for this year's S/S time. The following article is my first fashion related so I beg for a bit more tolerance as to the stylistics and perhaps a certain amount of amateur naivety.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Show

The artistic duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana proved once again their incredible talent and design mastery, as well as the ability to understand and combine the spirit of current trends with their own ideas and creativity. This makes their models unique and very desirable at the same time. Their collection cannot be said to follow trends in fashion, neither can be said that it is ignoring them. Rather they manage to work with current styles and use them as inspiration while shaping the development of fashion for the future themselves. The presented collection is a perfect evidence of this. They managed to incorporate certain currently returning aspects while avoiding simply replicating their fabulous work from previous years. Quite on the opposite, they refrained from those elements which they thought obsolete, so we didn’t see any shoulder patches, plastics or computer generated rainbow patterns. The collection does move with the recent trend of rather concealing models, but it does not slip into unattractiveness. At the same time Dolce & Gabbana let their full potential and creativity loose and created some distinctive features that make their collection outstanding and fabulous, while giving a great challenge to competitors. By implementing the potential of the changing fashion trends but handling it in an amazingly tasteful and at the same time glamorous manner they throw a very difficult glove to pick up.

Ancient elegance and pure femininity with a cherry on top.

After last year’s synthetic and somewhat murky collection (not that it wasn’t good if you are into those things) this summer seemed like a breath of fresh air. It was filled with optimism and brightness. The change was visible across the set. White was dominating the beginning of the show and what can lift up the mood better than a Steve McQueen t-shirt with rolled up sleeves.

The main theme of the show was rather subtle and mysterious sensuality and seductiveness. That however does not mean it gave a subtle impression. The central part of the collection is showing the Venetian riches and opulence without any shame. Beautifully painted tapestry-like fabrics often featured warm colors and botanical patterns and many models presented paintings that may have been alone considered pieces of art. If someone was wondering whether the split between Stefano and Domenico might affect their creativity and innovation they were proven wrong on the 27th September.

The whole catwalk show was a very pleasant and exciting experience. The collection made a point in that there is really no need to shock the audience at any cost when trying to amaze. Everyone is already expecting several almost-no-clothes models on every catwalk, so it was indeed a little shocking to see that many models revealed little more than shoulders. But the great genius of the designer duo can be demonstrated on the fact that there was still an astonishing doze of sensuality in the models and it was a much more sophisticated kind, than when you randomly rip out couple stripes in a blouse and make sure that the model has no underwear.

The general impression and feeling left after seeing the whole collection was of a woman of your dreams rather than a super-hot one night score. Indeed the grand finale of the show presented enormous ball gowns which emphasized the etheric nature of a female body. Through a rich fray of black netted fabric models’ legs appeared as if just emerging form a late evening mist. Perfectly cut and fitted tops allowed models faces to shine like the brightest stars on the magical night sky created by the gowns. The coloring of fabrics indeed created almost mystical images. Some models appeared as if being just borne out of a blossoming flower while others gave the impression of being conceived by fire of a Chinese dragon. When walking, models seemed rather as if floating on a river passing through greatly diverse places beginning in an autumn Japanese garden going through an early spring Swiss mountain meadow and finally culminating in Rio de Janeiro on a carnival night.


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Hi from Paris dear Ondrejs,

as i noticed through your comments in other blog that you like stylish people, i just wanted to warn you befor i go to bed (it's late in Paris) : my last street style photos could make you fall in love with Paris and the stylish parisian girls ! lol

i wish you a pleasant evening and hop that my com is not irrelevant

cheers from Paris


OndrejS said...

Ad Paul: thanks for the compliments:)

Ad Kamel: Paris X Milan, France X Italy. I see them as the two Herculean Pillars in the fashion world. Indeed I saw some great French stylish girls on your blog. Nice work! You captured that very specific French charm that cannot be seen anywhere else. The fact that I place my attention more on the Italian elegance doesn't mean that French style has gonne unnoticed! :)