Monday, January 21, 2008

American primaries and caucuses "Best dressed" 2

I promised a republican and I will give you a republican. Today we have a look at how much thought gives RUDY to fashion after he wakes up each morning.

Gotta give kudos to McCain here. I just cannot get over those horrible suits GOP candidates often wear and Rudy is sporting here. Its just so boring, horrible cut... and looks like an army issue raincoat.

I like the overall expression:-)

Get a different jacket Rudy!!!! This is a bit of a crime imho...

Wow, manly.... :-/ (ok, that was a cheap shot....)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

American primaries and caucuses "Best dressed"

We all know that the way a person dresses can tell a lot about him. On both sides of the political spectrum presidential hopefuls are trying to impress us. But aren't they forgetting something on the campaign trail?:-)

Lets look at the democratic side first. Specifically Hillary Clinton. As she refused to be photographed for the Vogue Magazine I would love to understand more of why that may have been. She is the only one in the race who can, without much controversy, show us some invention and style in womenswear.

What is wrong with this picture? Seriously... Cannot figure it out... Orange/yellow/green is such a marry combination:-) or is it the pastel orange/black thats not that comfortable...?

Why couldn't that be a man in that attire?

Why??? oh why did someone cut that jacket on sides?????

Finally!!!! The top looks decent and OH Thank you for the belt!!!!! Finally there I see a woman!

Make your opinion about this picture. I just have one question... Does she make her own clothes?

I am thinking. You can vote for a man or for a woman.... but why vote for someone who dresses like neither??

Next time we take on some Republicans..