Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy face

By pure accident I found a wonderful picture on the internet. You can see the baby is sincerely happy that he/she won' t get cold... Or maybe it's because it is wearing such a colorful outfit:-)

Friday, March 7, 2008

The men

To me, there are two notable men in the movie, Esteban Vihaio and Bill. I know that there are other important male characters like Budd or even Johnny Mo. But I don't find them so particular in style as the other two.

Bill of course sports great suits. There was one thing I realized when choosing pictures of him. This was the first time I very much liked polo shirt with a suit. It just feels so right and smooth. True, it is not an ordinary polo shirt... but than its also not an ordinary character.

The next picture needs no words...

Very intriguing character in both script and appearance is without a doubt Bills "father figure" Esteban Vihaio. Very well played, very well dressed. It is an awesome combination of an elderly pimp and fine gentleman. Not resigning on either of them, they are both present but do not fight each other. Notice the pocket square and cuffs...

...and the smoke.

I am sure there are more noteworthy shots in the movie. If you feel that some image from the movie shouldn't be missing here please let me know. Or just to point out some interesting moment... Would be happy to discuss.