Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Curious what to wear this S/S?

I have been contemplating now for some time what my stile for this S/S season will be. I am feeling about something out of ordinary. And not just because I would necessarily need attract attention wherever I walk. But there have been many rather exciting and unexpected developments in my life in the past year and I just feel I want to reflect on that a little. First inspiration came when I was watching this year's DG show. My two favorite looks are these:

These already gave me the idea. Than I was reading The Sartorialist and this image struck my attention. The look is just perfect. So you might be seeing me with bulky foulards. Cannot wait to get my hands on one.


Dny Lementi said...

not sure i'd be too pleased to see u wearing the second outfit... ;-)

Valdemar said...

I heard that Cirque du Soleil bought several outfits like that on the second picture.

Their clowns are going to wear them. :-)

OndrejS said...

I believe their costs would go of the chart if they did :-)